Sunrise Yucca (West Texas) (click on image to go directly to that gallery)
Welcome. My name is David Kachel (pronounced: cockle), and I am an artist-photographer... Most people in my profession use the more traditional term, fine art photographer. But, in today's world that phrase has lost all meaning. It has been usurped by tens of thousands of people who have found that its use helps them drum up more wedding and grade school yearbook business. If you Google fine art photographer, you'll find a hundred people like this, for every one real artist, thereby making such a search fruitless. All that remains is for the term to be discovered by the paparazzi and UPS stores with passport cameras! What it really means is that I am an artist who happens to use a camera and darkroom, or these days, a camera and computer, instead of a paintbrush or chisel, and that instead of making photographs that are mere records of what was in front of the camera, I use what was in front of the camera as one of the ingredients to produce something new. Ordinary photography is a literal recording of the scene in front of the camera. Fine art photography is an interpretation that takes place mostly after the shutter is released, and can range from subtle to extreme. For example, here's how the above image came from the camera... Now you can understand that photography's unique illusion of
reality is, at least in part, what allows a photograph to rise to the
level of art, in the right hands. A painter often uses a photograph as a reference.
Oddly, fine art photographers do much the same thing!
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