This page contains my articles/monographs/techniques, both past and present. There are two columns containing very different material: The left hand column contains recent articles/monographs and copies of brochures, limited strictly to matters concerning fine art photography, my work in that field, practical information for collectors, etc. I have made the decision to limit all my present and future efforts to the production of photographs and related matters. The only technical articles that may appear in that column will deal with those things I may stumble across accidentally or might relate to information I feel must be disseminated to other fine art photographers. The right hand column contains past published articles on analog photographic techniques and theory. Some of the materials used for those techniques no longer exist. But, as many photographers are still using traditional materials, I make this work available for reference. What may be useless information today can become priceless tomorrow. In fact, that is exactly how I developed some of these techniques: searching for scraps of lost knowledge in hundred-year-old forgotten texts and adapting it to, what was then, modern needs. I am no longer writing about the Zone System or doing research on new contrast and tone control techniques for analog photography, instead devoting all of my time to creating new photographs and occasionally writing on more practical, less technical subjects. The research and inventing I now leave to younger photographers, better versed in computer programming, the new frontier for photographic technique development. All of this material is free to read and you are authorized to print one copy for personal use. All are copyrighted and copyrights will be enforced. Send others to this web site to download their own copies. There is an exception for left hand column items labeled "Trifold". These are pdf's of brochures I print and distribute in my own gallery. If you are a fine art photographer and wish to use these brochures for distribution to your clients, you are welcome to do so, so long as the entire content remains unaltered.

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